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Want success? Be accountable!

It can be quite a confronting process involving someone else in your growth strategy, but your potential success may hinge on having this support mechanism in place. Research suggests that the rate of goal realisation can be doubled with the RIGHT person be your side. Here are some key indicators to ensure you have the right person for the job…

1. They believe in your vision

This person must support the journey you are on, and the end destination. You need to have (loosely) aligned values, morals, and ethics. No point gravitating toward an environmentalist if you want to frack oil. They should be excited and motivated by the prospect of helping you get there, not taking on the role out of courtesy/compulsion/coercion.

2. They want you to succeed

This seems obvious, and a reasonable expectation of anyone close to you, BUT, will the green-eyed monster strike once you start gaining momentum and realising some level of success. This one can be tough to foresee, but is important to consider ahead of time. You need to be sure input and advice is coming from a place of support, not sabotage.

3. They will challenge you

If there is a power imbalance, or this person avoids conflict it may be difficult for them to ask the tough questions or highlight the missed steps occurring. You don’t want to be berated or ridiculed for your mistakes or failures, but this will be a redundant support mechanism if they can’t step up.

4. They can provide valuable insight

If you are looking for someone to just talk at with no rebuttal, critique, or suggestion; the mirror may be a better option. Pick someone that can be more mentor, less watchdog. Intimate knowledge of the context isn’t essential, but the ability to help you reflect and refine along the way is.

5. They know your strengths and weaknesses

Someone that KNOWS you and how you operate can help optimise your approach. This is the least important factor, as sometimes less “history” is advantageous BUT I have found those with closer connections do tend to be more perceptive of when is the right time to play the “hammer”, and when to be the “hankie” instead. Happy hunting. It is worth the effort, to get where you want to be!

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