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In essence, all management is change management. It requires us to define what changes need to be made, by who, by when and ensuring those changes actually take place. It’s simple in theory, but often not in practice. We help remove the guesswork and inertia in your journey from strategy to execution with our proven success blueprint.

Facilitated support for project teams and change champions to successfully position and execute change initiatives. Build an understanding the ‘push-pull factors’ that exist in the organisation (related to the change initiative). Create alignment within the project group around what success looks like and how it can be achieved. Engagement strategies for recruiting the wider team and ensuring active support going forward. Checkpoint measures and coaching support to assess progress, troubleshoot issues and maintain momentum.

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Change Consultancy Service

Navigating Change


"Having attended his change management presentation, I was inspired to engage Lachie to assist in preparing the groundwork for a number of new initiatives the firm was about to embark on.

Lachie initially ran a workshop with our change project team. This was an insightful, and extremely helpful process - allowing the team to understand, and plan for, the challenges of implementing change across an organisation with several branch offices. Lachie was able to speak not only from a theoretical perspective but also from practical experience mixing the two in an engaging manner. 

Effective change requires the buy in of the Leadership group within an organisation. On that basis, Lachie was asked to present to the Partnership on change; the process, the expected pain-points, and the necessity for them to commit and get in behind the process. Lachie’s presentation style captured the audience, he has the ability to think on his feet and to lead the conversation to a desired outcome. The investment in his time has been very beneficial to the initiatives the firm has now undertaken, and laid the foundations for future initiatives". 

- Grant Yorkstone - AWS Legal



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