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Focus on your funeral

Have you ever considered who would come, what would they say, what would be the lasting memory of you in the eyes of those who matter in your life? Does this image sit well with you?

Being led by legacy is a great way to navigate your life on a day to day basis, but only if you know what you want that final destination to look like.

Consider writing a Eulogy for yourself from the perspective of your partner or child or best friend. Work to a future timeframe of at least 10 years but no more than 20 years. What plaudits would you hope that they allude to?

Now that you have this 

Successfully created a movement that significantly improved thousands of work environments to ensure people felt empowered and inspired to grow and prosper, while also managing to find the time, energy and compassion to be a great partner, father, friend and colleague on a day-to-day basis.

It may seem a rather morbid why to approach personal development, but it simply requires a 

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