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Winning with your team: Post-lockdown

Your best marketing tool is the attitude and advocacy of your team. Employee engagement can be your competitive advantage by following these five success steps.

Communicate, communicate, communicate Saying things three times is a popular approach at the moment, but as much as I poke fun, there is an important learning here. There is so much noise around currently, and much of it is negative and detrimental to your objective of keeping people motivated, and supportive of your efforts. Don’t leave it to unreputable sources, to inform your team about the truth of our situation – if you don’t fill the space someone else will, well-intended or not. This will have you wasting time replacing mistruths with facts. Also remember, communication is a two-way process, your team might just have an idea or observation that can change your business for the better. Don’t miss the chance to hear it by doing all the talking!

Promote your plan What is your business doing differently to weather this storm and succeed in this next economy? Your team will be looking for clarity around what the business is doing to stay viable and flourish going forward. Showing clarity, confidence and conviction around your way forward reduces anxiety within the team about job security and alike.

Make it meaningful We need everyone to step up and be as productive as possible, especially now. For that to happen, individuals need to know; what is required from me, in my role, on a day-to-day basis to help make this plan a reality? Context is key. Leadership happens 1:1. We need to connect individually to make sure no one is a passenger, and everyone is a paddler.

Connect the culture Do you have a core purpose, vision and/or set of core values for your business? This is the time to bring your team together and focus on living into these collective objectives. Setting some clear expectations around how we work is essential in a pressurised environment like now. It also promotes personal responsibility and collective accountability that raises the bar for everyone.

Review your response Lockdown was a whirlwind period that will have required you to make decisions at speed, and share messages from a distance. Did those steps have the intended impact? Were they interpreted the right way by your team? As we return to some level of “normal” it’s a good time to check in with your team to ensure your well-intended actions have enhanced (not eroded) the engagement of your people. This could be an informal chat with an informal leader (or two) – those who know the word around the water cooler. Or, you could use a survey process - preferably anonymous - to canvass option and gain insights. The key here is to ASK-LISTEN-ACT.

With a little bit of time and energy afforded to each of these areas your business will be well positioned to thrive in this time of uncertainty. We can support you with the implementation of any, or all, of these steps (change management, strategic planning, performance coaching, culture discovery, engagement analysis). Get in touch if you want to create your human advantage!

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