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The 3-C’s of Culture Change

The human factor in businesses is often the key determinant of their success or failure. 

The environment we operate in, the relationships we forge and the level to which we invest ourselves in the work we do, these are the things that most heavily impact the outcomes created. To create a shift from GOOD to GREAT in a team environment requires three key aspects to be considered and committed to by the leaders within the business.


We need to provide a vivid vision of what success looks both for the organisation as a whole, and for each individual contributor. What are our key collective objectives and what does a good day’s work look like for me? These are the essential questions to ask, and be able answer with confidence.


Once the direction and expectations have been set it’s about a steadfast approach to realising those outcomes. If you pivot, deviate, relent on those vital few aspects it is very difficult to create commitment and buy-in. What are your non-negotiables?


As you set sail into those new unchartered waters it’s vital that you show empathy and appreciate that your team will have reservations, lack confidence and capability in the initial stages. We are naturally inclined to resist change. Recognise those that lead the charge, support and encourage those that lag behind and continually ask the question – am I being a leader that knows the way, shows the way and goes the way? All the while, assisting others to do the same!

These three simple words make all the difference when embarking on a culture shift and ensure others will follow and support your pursuit of a smarter, better business.

Sounds simple – but as you well know – simple and easy are not the same thing. If you need help in developing your people plan we are here to help!

Check out our latest boardroom briefing – The Cycle of Engagement for more ideas and some simple steps to get you started on the path from good to great.

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